Benefits of Metamucil Capsules

Metamucil Capsules contains a psyllium fiber that is used to cure constipation and your bowel activity regular.

It is never advised to take this medication without the proper prescription from your doctor for there are some instances when this drug cannot be taken by people with the following conditions:

  • If you are suffering from appendicitis.
  • If you are having a difficult problem in swallowing.
  • If you have a severe problem in constipation.
  • If you have intestine problems, particularly – blockage of the intestine.
  • If you have rectal problems, particularly – rectal bleeding.

Benefits of Metamucil Capsules
Another reason why you want to consult a doctor before taking Metamucil capsules is because you cannot expect the same results if you are in a certain situation such as being pregnant, trying to get pregnant or even breastfeeding.

You may also find a different result if you combine the Metamucil capsules with other types of medication that may cause a chemical reaction inside your body.

Metamucil Capsules

To take the Metamucil capsule, you will get the proper dosage from your doctor. You can take the medication even without food. Always remember to take one tablet at a time if you are prescribed to take several in one sitting.

Take it while drinking one full glass of water. As much as possible, avoid other medications for at least two hours. If you were able to miss your medication, take it at once.

However if it is 30 minutes away from your next dosage, forget about the missed dosage, go on with the next and try not to miss any again.

After taking this medication and you realize that there is no sign of any kind of improvement within 1 week, it is advisable to let your attending physician know about this immediately and never take any other kind of medication just to see the results.

If you also start vomiting and having upset stomach after taking the medication, stop it immediately. Drink lots of water while taking this medication and as a safety precaution, no children under the age of 12 should be allowed to take this medication.

This Metamucil capsule contains an insoluble fiber which will definitely help you to lower down the bad cholesterol in your body and improve you digestive system.

This is also available in different forms like the wafer form and the powdered form. It also comes in different flavors like orange, berry, citrus and more.