What is Metamucil? Know About This Laxative

Metamucil is a fiber additive from psyllium, a soluble plant fiber. It is a laxative that produces stools in bulk. The said ingredient can be harvested mainly in Pakistan and India then imported to the US.

It was already present on 1934 and owned by G.D Searle and Company. After two years, Procter and Gamble acquired its ownership. It is manufactured as capsules, wafers and drink mixes which com in different flavors.

There are also gluten-free powders and capsules. Sugar free versions are also available.

Fiber is its main dietary component. It has aids in lowering the cholesterol and also supports the digestive and circulatory system. It also averts fat from being absorbed and thereby keeping our stomachs full all the time.

Its task is to increase the bulk of the colon contents. It lowers the focus of minerals by accruing more fecal matter thereby notably decreasing its transit time.

Doctors often recommended this over-the-counter medicine to patients who suffer from constipation, hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome and divericular disease.

What is Metamucil? Know About This Laxative

Though it is prescribed on certain periods, it can also be taken on a daily basis. It maintains proper digestive function and adds bulk to the stool. In doing so, waste travel can travel through the digestive tract as smoothly as possible.

The extra fiber makes the stool more solid firmer for diarrhea sufferers. The extra bulk helps constipation sufferers. It makes the waste food easier to pass and softer. For constipation sufferers, Metamucil plus calcium may not aid you in your disease.

There are no serious side effects from taking Metamucil but there are some consequences when it comes to insufficient ingestion of the dietary fiber. Since it has famously advertised as a source of fiber, taking such laxative may deter the absorption of the proteins, vitamins and minerals.

As to minor side effects, some patients suffer rumbling sounds in the stomach, vomiting, mild abdominal cramps and bloating. Some side effects also include severe abdominal pain, and difficulty in gulping down their food. If any of those symptoms are not bearable, might as well consult your physician.

Benefits of Metamucil Capsules

Keep in mind that excessively high intake of such laxative has negative effects. It can affect the amalgamation process in the intestinal area. This side effect will impinge on individuals who are not reaching the right nutrient or mineral intake.

To refrain from this, one must augment their water intake. We must be properly informed on what is Metamucil.